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A very different kind of dealership. At Reborn RV, we are extremely dedicated to our clients. We believe that our beautiful pre-owned RVs will suit the taste (and price point) of almost all RVers.

We specialize in reconditioning, floor-covering, wall treatments, underlayment, and window treatments. However, our expertise expands in virtually all directions, including slide-outs, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, appliance repair, and even some structural repair.

Our repair shop is only available to our clients. As a testament to our level of dedication, we do this so you can get your RV in and out without delay. If there’s ever an issue, we will work with you to fix it right!

We never want you to wait to get your RV fixed, and we will do everything in our power to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Reborn RV

Pre-owned RV’s

We are focused on building relationships with customers and ensuring every customer is taken care of like family. We have customers that have worked with us for over 20 years. They keep coming back because we go the extra mile to ensure they are happy with their purchase and experience.

Are you tired of traditional dealerships, getting the run-around, and feeling pressured into something you aren’t comfortable with? Our no-stress and no-pressure approach are what sets us apart.

Most dealerships want to see your taillights driving away, and they don’t want to hear from you. Our company is different in nature because we love RVing and our customers. We can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

We only service our customer’s RVs, and because of that, we have the ability to make our customers our priority. Did you know even if you buy a new RV from one of the big dealerships, you might have to wait a month or two to get it fixed?

By the nature of the business, especially in the Northwest, RVs are prone to some issues, and you can count on us to quickly help you remedy any issue you may have.

We are different in the sense that we only sell used RVs. Used RVs are less expensive than new ones, but unlike cars or other vehicles, they have a track record of being more dependable. The RVs that we have on our lot go through rigorous inspections, and we fix whatever issues they may have. We want you to enjoy your purchase for years to come without any problems, but if something does come up, we are here for you.

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