Sell, Trade or Consign Today

Selling Your RV

Option A. Sell yourself

A.) Prepping and Cleaning for sale – Show it Off

B.) Write a descriptive ad

C.) Take quality pictures

D.) Find the best place to advertise online 

E.) Waiting and Returning calls and messages

F.) Waiting to Show & Sell to a Stranger..

G.) Dealing and Handling Financing

H.) Navigating the inspection & Warranties

I.) Handling DMV/DOL paperwork and getting paid

Option B. Contact US

We would love to chat with you about your RV and give you a fair offer today! We won’t insult you with a low offer or waste your time haggling. The process is easy and painless because we care about our clients and want to earn your business.


Trade It In!

We pay top dollar for trades that most other dealerships won’t touch. The reason why we can do this is in our name, Reborn RV. We have the best techs in the industry who specialize in giving RV’s new life. We take RV’s with issues and make them better than new. So yes we still want your RV even with a broken slide or leaky roof. 

We understand every repair, every system, every aspect of RV’ing because we love RV’ing ourselves.

We don’t haggle or play games. We get straight to the point because your time and our time is valuable.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a fair trade in offer today. We are in Everett Washington but we serve the greater Puget Sound area and beyond and would be honored to talk to you. 


Consign Your RV

We don’t charge a Fee!

We have gotten a lot of inquiries about this option and we are here to take the guess work out.

Step 1 – Tell us about your RV

Step 2 – We make you an offer 

Step 3 – We make repairs and or get it ready to sell if needed.

Step 4 – We List your RV and get it sold.

Step 5 – You get paid

We will work with you on price and list your RV for sale.

It’s that simple and we don’t charge a fee. We are in the business of moving inventory and we won’t overprice your unit and let it sit forever. We study the market everyday and know how to get your RV sold for more money in less time.

Part of what makes us different is we will work on your RV to get it ready to sell. If there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. These repairs are taken into consideration when you choose to consign with us.